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Payroll Dictionary is a free resource and reference for payroll terminology and definitions. Every profession has its own terms and expressions. Payroll is no different. No matter how long we work at a job, there come times when we struggle to remember certain work related words or definitions. Whether you are learning payroll or have been working in payroll for many years, we hope that this Payroll Dictionary will be of service to you. This dictionary presents key payroll terms that you need to know so that you can clearly communicate your ideas to a colleague, avoid the embarrassment of not fully understanding what your boss is talking about, or understanding better the work done on your behalf by a payroll outsourcing company.

Payroll Dictionary is updated regularly with industry-specific terms.

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To get the best use out of this dictionary is very straight forward. You can browse alphabetically the lists of terms by utilizing the navigation above. Or you can type a term into the search bar on the right sidebar.

The Beginning

To start off, we need to define and understand specific basic but key terms such as what payroll and payroll taxes mean.

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